The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Timeless Royalty by Ingrid Magidson 2021

We wish the people of the UK and the Commonwealth our deepest condolences on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.  She was a woman of grace and strength during countless difficult times.  Most of us reading this cannot remember a time without her as queen of England.  She died after reigning over 70 years, second in length only to King Louis XIV of France, and he was crowned at 9 years old.

If you are new to Ingrid's work, she often honors strong women of the past, usually from the renaissance or a little later.  She has never used a living person as a subject until Queen Elizabeth.

Ingrid completed the commission of Queen Elizabeth II about a year and a half ago.  It is titled "Timeless Royalty."  It was coincidentally completed on the Queen's 95th birthday and installed on Philip's death.  The artwork itself took almost 2 years to create and was mostly done during the pandemic.  Also in homage to the 70th anniversary (Platinum Jubilee last June) of Queen Elizabeth's reign, Ingrid produced a special metal series edition.  Only 40 will be made available.

When the Metal Series was created there was no thought of the queen's death.  It was a piece to honor her life. The title says it all - "Timeless Royalty."

If you would like to learn more about this unique piece, please click here.

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